At Lavdas Jewelry, our expert buyers carefully evaluate your items, to provide the utmost in price and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to deliver professionalism, integrity, and most importantly value. This is our number one priority. For nearly 30 years, Nick Lavdas has been helping folks like you convert old, unwanted gold jewelry into quick cash. When you’re in my store there is no pressure, whatsoever, to buy or sell. I always tell others to get a price and I will guarantee to beat it. There are a lot of unrepeatable jewelers looking to make a quick score. Here at my store we test all the gold and I tell you what the value of your gold is worth the rest is up to you. After I explain everything to you our transaction usually occurs. You can receive cash or a credit towards a new piece of jewelry the choice is yours.

Lavdas Monitors our competitors offers to buy gold!

Below is a sampling of our competitors offers to buy 14k gold at the same date and time as Lavdas. We monitor the competition on a daily basis to make sure we are the top payer. Feel free to shop your gold around and then bring us your certified quotes and we will beat it. Guaranteed.




Lavdas Jewelers
11/24/10 3:46 pm $20.00/gram 14k

Lucido Fine Jewelery
Sterling Heights

11/24/10 3:46 pm $17.50/gram 14k

Ahee Jewelers
Grosse Pointe

11/24/10 3:46 pm $15.41/gram 14k

Visit our "Competitors Pricing" page for a more detailed list. CLICK HERE

Let Lavdas educate you. We will take the time to teach you
how to sell your gold to get you the best deal.
We buy and sale gold jewelry everyday. Your gold maybe worth more then you thought. We will take our time to explain the value of your gold jewelry and how we determine a fair price for you. Our experts will analyze your items with our highly accurate testing process and evaluate each piece to determine:

• Whether the item is made of gold or other precious metal
• The purity of the gold (or other precious metal)
• The weight of the gold (or other precious metal)

One troy ounce gold is 31,10 gram, which is today around $23,21 per gram or $23.208,01 per kilo. If you want to give in your chain or jewelry, you have to calculate the pure gold. Thus with 585 gold we have 58,5% pure gold, with 750 gold it is 75% pure gold etc.

Since most jewelry and dental gold is mixed with other metals you will be paid a price based on the purity of your gold and the daily market price of gold. The gold market changes daily even seconds. Click on the 24hr Gold chart to see daily gold prices.

You can send us your gold via mail

If you are not nearby to our store or simply prefer to send your gold jewelry to us via mail. Please give us a call at 586-751-8275 or drop us a email at lavdas.jewelry@sbcglobal.net.

We would be happy to assist you on how to safely package and securely send us your gold jewelry. Visit Lavdas Jewelry on Twelve Mile Road just west of Ryan in Warren Michigan. Click on our Contacts page for driving directions and additional contact information.

Lavdas… The family name you can trust.